spiegely small.jpgWe are delighted to be able to welcome back the Spiegeltent for another year of spectacular cabaret, circus, puppetry, comedy, dance, music and family events.

However we still need to raise an additional £60,000 in order to ensure that the tent will remain part of the Festival for years to come and to safeguard the Arts Council Catalyst Match Fund.  So please continue to show your support - please visit MyDonate page and give whatever you feel you can. See you there in October!


Canterbury Festival


Via Francigena Pilgrims' Trail - Day 1

Canterbury to Shepherdswell

Thursday 23 October 2014 at 9:30 AM

Tickets: £8 (bkg fees apply*)


Day 1 - Canterbury to Shepherdswell

(10.5 miles)

Meet: Welcome Centre at Canterbury Cathedral (train back).

Start 9.30am - 6 hours walking

Leader: Cliff Huggett


The Via Francigena is the Pilgrims' trail from Canterbury to Rome. Although we won't be walking the whole way, we will start at Canterbury and finish at Dover on successive Thursdays stopping at Shepherdswell en route. Do the whole walk or just one day. Please bring a picnic lunch as the walks will take the whole day.


(*Booking Fees Apply – By phone & in person: £1 per ticket booking fee. Online: 75p per ticket booking fee. The maximum fee you will be charged when booking by phone or in person is £8. Booking fees are unlimited online.)