20 October 2018 - 3 November 2018


As part of its aspirations to deliver training and development opportunities for young people, the Festival offers work placements throughout the year. These are arranged in advance and in discussion with the Festival team, but typically last 1-2 weeks.


A typical placement could include:

  • Project support: opportunities to work on a range of community focused projects, such as the Schools' Poetry Competition and helping to design a programme of performance events for the Opening Day Parade.
  • Event delivery: depending on the time of year we may require support with the set up and delivery of fundraising events, or during the Festival itself.
  • Marketing: developing publicity material, assisting with the administration of the 'Big Eat Out' and 'Big Sleepover' schemes for local restaurants and hotels and supporting the on-going development of the Festival's database and archives.
  • General administration: more general opportunities are available to provide experience of working in an arts organisation and/or an office environment.

As well as gaining great experience, you will also be offered the opportunity to attain an Arts Award during your time. The Festival will cover the cost of this and mentor you through the process.


The Festival's priority is to offer opportunities to young people with whom it has developed a relationship (such as volunteering at the Festival) or that are studying at local education providers with whom the Festival has a strategic link.  If you would like to register an interest please contact Liz Flynn, Participation Manager, by email Liz@canterburyfestival.co.uk



Tori In Black And White


Tori was in her first year at Falmouth University studying Music, Theatre and Entertainment Management. She got in touch with us to request a work placement during her Easter break and we were delighted to have her come in to spend two weeks with us and show her all we could about how the Festival works...