20 October 2018 - 3 November 2018


Bursary Competition 2016 Credit Tim Stubbings 1

Judges (left to right): David Burridge, Susan Wanless and David Allinson. Performers (left to right): Orla Garner, Niamh O'Shea, Megan Rutherford, Emmanuel Webb, Ellen Pearson (winner) and Alexandra McLanaghan


Festival Foundation's Young Musicians' Bursary Scheme

The Canterbury Festival Foundation Bursary Competition grows in popularity each year since its inception in 2011, and 2016 was its most impressive year to date.

The competition exists to support excellence in talented young musicians across Kent, and has two categories. The Junior category offers professional performance experience for musicians aged 12-14, with the Senior musicians aged 15-18 competing for the cash bursary.

The winner, announced each year at the annual Bursary concert as part of the main Canterbury Festival programme, also becomes the Festival’s Ambassador for the Arts, developing skills in leading workshops alongside performing in various Festival events throughout the year.

All Finalists will be given the opportunity to work with the Festival towards their Arts Award Bronze, a nationally-recognised qualification documenting their experience and progression within the arts.

The 2016 winner is vocalist Ellen Pearson, a student at Queen Elizabeth Grammar School in Faversham. She will be working closely with the Festival throughout the year, and using the bursary prize to further her vocal tuition and experience.

The competition is now open to applicants. Simply download the form via the link below, and return to the Festival office before Friday 26 May.


Download bursary 2017 application form



THE BURSARY BLOG - Posts from Previous Winners

  Bursary Competition 2016 Credit Tim Stubbings 2 Small

2016 Winner - Ellen Pearson (voice)

2016 Finalists: Orla Garner (flute), Niamh O'Shea (viola), Megan Rutherford (voice), Emmanuel Webb (violin) and Alexandra McLanaghan (flute)

Emily Hopper At Bursary Final

2015 Winner - Emily Hopper (harp) 

2015 Finalists: Elizabeth Letley (voice), Hannah Parry (recorder), Lucy Crooks (marimba), Natasha Williams (flute) and Tom Wu (tuba)

The Bursary Winners 2014

2014 Winners - Sabrina Curwen (voice) and Jessica Meakin (violin)

Finalists: Jack Greenslade (piano), Anastasiya Nizalova (piano), Niamh O'Shea (violin) and James Pooley (trumpet)

  Bursary Winner 2013.jpg

2013 Winner - Matt Roberts (cello)

Finalists: Emily Collinson (voice), Hannah Parry (violin), James Pooley (trumpet), Niamh O'Shea (violin), Rebecca Allen (voice)

bursary - web.JPG

2012 Winner - Summer Alp (recorder)

Finalists: Hannah Parry (recorder), Jessica Meakin (violin), George Needham (piano), Ana Vandepeer (violin), Helen Sotillo (voice) 

Caitlin Shaughnessy

2011 Winner - Caitlin Shaugnessy (violin)