19 October 2019 - 2 November 2019


Blog #1: I support because...

In conversation with Simon Ludden



Simon Ludden 2

Simon Ludden is the Managing Director of Tarvos Wealth Ltd based in Canterbury. The company has sponsored Canterbury Festival for 4 years. Simon is an avid supporter of the Festival Spiegeltent having sponsored the Spiegeltent Speakeasy fundraiser in 2015 and choosing to sponsor this years performance of family friendly show Variety Soup at the new Spiegeltent site at Kingsmead Car Park. 


What do you do?


I am the Managing Director for Tarvos Wealth, an independent financial advice firm offering financial advice principally to the clients of professional practices such as solicitors and accountants.


If you had done another job, what would it have been?


I did originally train as a lawyer but I suppose like many people I’d have liked to have been a footballer. But that passed by very quickly! (I then of course had to ask which team Simon supports…to which he points to a red and white signed jersey on the wall…) Charlton Athletic.


What are your favourite things about Canterbury?


I think it’s the continual buzz of the place, the fact that there is always something happening. My wife and I made a conscious decision to move from Maidstone right to the centre of Canterbury; we’re based just off the High Street, and it’s the best decision we’ve ever made. We’re always going to shows and events, constantly doing things we would never have done otherwise, or had the opportunity to do anywhere else.


You have been a Sponsor of Canterbury Festival for four years, why do you choose to support and what do you enjoy most?


We split this company off from a major law firm a while ago and we needed to increase the profile of the firm so I firstly looked at what event in Canterbury crystallises the population of the area most and felt that the Festival was something which did that. It was also something I enjoyed participating in myself so it was a double whammy really.


What’s been your favourite experience at Canterbury Festival?


All of our experiences have been excellent, but I have to say our sponsorship of Variety Soup at the Spiegeltent for this year’s Festival was probably the best; everything worked like clockwork and the feedback we’ve had back from our guests has been fantastic. I took a risk this time by inviting children which turned out to be a brilliant decision; especially during half-term where a lot of parents are keen to keep their children entertained, mind you the parents enjoyed as much as the children. So often, staff and clients of ours are invited out but their children aren’t asked to come along and this was opportunity for us to create an open and relaxed evening for all. From my own personal enjoyment perspective, it was brilliant; from a marketing and business perspective, I think it’s the best thing we’ve ever done.

Variety Soup 2016 Credit Peter Cook 24

What would you say to a business considering becoming a supporter?


Apart from saying yes, it’s an excellent idea, for me, it’s been the one thing that’s really increased our profile in the local area. People are now aware of our work and we’ve been able to invite a lot of our professional connections to events and they’ve absolutely loved it. For many of them, it’s the first time they’ve been to something in the Spiegeltent, a venue which has that instant ‘wow’ factor. Also, we love to promote the Festival outside Canterbury and so being a sponsor gives us the opportunity to promote it elsewhere in Kent to our clients and friends.


Tarvos Wealth specialise in providing Financial Planning advice to the clients of solicitors and accountants. They understand the level of service and attention to detail clients expect from a trusted adviser and would delighted to hear from you. Give them a call on 01227 761177 or email Simon at stl@tarvoswealth.co.uk.


To find out more about becoming a Sponsor contact Clare McCullagh on 01227 452 853 or at clare@canterburyfestival.co.uk.



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