19 October 2019 - 2 November 2019


Blog #3: I support because...

In conversation with Dee Ryall


Did you know that Canterbury Festival is a charity? We hope so, but if not, we’re glad to be able to give you an insight into the many ways to support your local International Arts Festival – by interviewing just a few of our current supporters. 


 Dee Ryall



Dee Ryall is the Branch Manager for Jackson-Stops and Staff based on Castle Street in Canterbury. The company are Corporate Members of Canterbury Festival – find out more about the benefits this can provide for your business here.


What do you do?


I’m the Branch Manager for Jackson-Stops and Staff in Canterbury.


If you had done another job, what would it have been?


Well, I did do another job; I was an Air Stewardess. Twelve years I was flying the skies, both long-haul and short-haul. When we moved to Kent, I decided it might be time to hang up my wings and fell into working into an Estate Agent part-time. That was 23 years ago and I haven’t looked back since.


What are your favourite things about Canterbury?


I love Canterbury; I just think it offers everything for everybody. It could be the second smallest city in the world after the Vatican, that I can think of! It’s the culture, the people; for a city, it’s amazing how everyone knows everyone. There’s just such a variety out there. You can go to the theatre, you haven’t got to go to London, there are great restaurants and wine bars; there are all sorts of things in Canterbury for young and old and that’s what I love about it.


 Opening Parade 2016 C Tim Stubbings 17 Cropped


You have been a Corporate Member of Canterbury Festival for a few years, why do you choose to support and what do you enjoy most?


I enjoy it all – I think it’s a really, really good cause. It provides that culture for the city, it adds that little bit extra excitement leading up to Christmas and again it offers variety for young and old. The acts are just amazing, what an opportunity for all of us who live here; any other time of year, you’d have to go to the Royal Albert Hall or somewhere else to see the sorts of acts that the Festival programmes. Over the years I’ve seen quite a few acts at the Festival who have gone on to find fame; Alfie Boe, Nina Conti, Bruce Airhead. The Festival is great for being able to try new events but also as a business supporter, it’s fantastic for meeting people. We hold social events and take our clients along and the reports I get back are just amazing so we shall continue to support.


What’s been your favourite experience at Canterbury Festival?


I think it would have to be Lesley Garrett, and Alfie Boe was just lovely. And of course, Texas, who were incredible and of course a big-name act. But over the years, I’ve loved seeing acts that I’d never heard of, what a wonderful opportunity to see great, new shows in Canterbury, that’s why the Festival is important.


What would you say to a business considering becoming a supporter?


You absolutely will have a good time – it’s a great opportunity for entertaining staff and clients! The cost is minimal and we see results – so if other companies take that on board, they could see results too. The Festival is different, there’s nothing else like it and I love it.


Jackson-Stops & Staff has more than a century of experience in the prime property market with over 40 offices nationwide. Dee would be delighted to hear from you – just drop her an email at dee.ryall@jackson-stops.co.uk or call the Canterbury office on 01227 781600.


If you would like to discuss Corporate Membership in more detail, please contact Clare McCullagh on 01227 452 853 or at clare@canterburyfestival.co.uk


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