19 October 2019 - 2 November 2019


Made in Kent: Comedy - The Results


Last night we held our Made in Kent Comedy Competition at the Lanfranc Theatre in Canterbury College. We were delighted to be sold out ahead of the night and welcomed 120 audience members to the show.

The competition aims to celebrate the talent of those living and working in Kent, and we were inundated with entries from comedians right across Kent; from Beckenham down to Hythe!

We decided to offer 15 comedians the opportunity to have a slot, but this meant timings were tight, everyone had only 5 minutes each to impress the crowd! As well as the audience, comedians were judged by a panel of experts- Olly Double, professional comedian and lecturer from the University of Kent, Flo Howard from Off the Kerb agency and Amanda McKean from the Canterbury Festival team.

There was a great variety in styles of humour, from dry to slapstick and on topics of marriage, politics, skinny jeans and even milk! There was even a bit of magic going on too!

The comedians also had a range of experience- some just starting out, and others were seasoned pros. It was great to see everyone performing on a level playing field, with the running order created at random.

The event was hosted perfectly by Ravi Holy, last year’s competition winner. Ravi introduced each act with aplomb, warmed up the crowd and kept everyone entertained whilst the judges were making their final decision!

Dave Bailey was chosen as the overall winner, with a joint second place being awarded to Fiona Ridgewell, Kieran Poole and Jason Mannion aka El Baldiniho. They will all be awarded gigs with Off the Kerb Agency, and Dave will also receive a paid gig with Canterbury Festival next year.

We’d like to say a huge thanks to all for taking part, all those who attended- and we look forward to making this bigger and better next year!


Ravi Holy https://twitter.com/raviholy

Dave Bailey https://twitter.com/DaveBaileyComic

Tim Powell

Nathan Woods

Fiona Ridgewell https://twitter.com/fionaridgewell

Daniel Sheppard

Louie Werth

Alistair Tweed

Liam Thatcher https://twitter.com/liamthatcher

Kieran Poole https://twitter.com/KieranJPoole

Simon Measures

Verity Day

Jason Mannion https://twitter.com/magicbaldy

Simon. Oh!

Mo Saffaf https://twitter.com/ThisCharmingMo

Gareth Dorrian 

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