19 October 2019 - 2 November 2019


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Canterbury Festival is the largest festival of arts and culture in the region. It is a charity which exists to provide a positive creative experience for the local and wider community, attracting thousands of visitors to the historic city. The Festival's aim to showcase the very best in local, national and international talent can only be achieved with the support of government funding bodies, charitable trusts, corporate sponsorship and individuals. The financial viability of the Festival depends on the generosity of its supporters, and it is through these mutually beneficial partnerships that the Festival can continue to grow.

There are a number of ways you can support the Festival, from becoming an Event Sponsor to joining as a Corporate Member, and from joining as a Festival Friend to becoming a Vice President. All levels of support enjoy excellent benefits and a close relationship with the Festival. If you are a local business, perhaps you would like to get involved with the Festival's Big Promotion, which includes listing your business in the 60,000 Festival brochures distributed across the South East.

To lend your invaluable support, please visit the relevant page to find out what the Festival can offer you.

Many thanks to our FundersSPonsors & Trusts, Patrons and Partners, without whom the Festival would not be possible each year.



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Icons designed by: Gregor Črešnar, ProSymbols, lipi, Hea Poh Lin, Eliricon, Gan Khoon Lay, Creative Stall, David Marsh and Trevor Mowry through Noun Project.