14 October 2017 - 4 November 2017



14 Oct - 31 Oct 2017 at 10:00 AM
1 Nov - 4 Nov 2017 at 10:00 AM




[image - 'It was just an ordinary Tuesday afternoon when I was suddenly side swiped by life' ~ dragonfly: Insects cast in silver, set upon naturally sculpted raw wood]


The latest work by Justin Gilday promises sculptures, living portraits, scenes, scenarios, dioramas, entomological, allegorical, humorous, educational, life and death, eradication and education.


Previous exhibitions have included A Spring Nativity and an Entomological Experience. Unit 5 Gallery will play host to Justin's latest exhibition - A Question of Eradication and Education - featuring his latest unseen work It is about Time


A note from the Artist:

My life's view and statements concerning our world today.

Always entomologically factored, often allegorical portraits, scenes, scenarios, dioramas.  

Humorous, educational and political.

Life and death.

All the insects have been individually prepared and then cast in silver, sometimes in a portrait pose but more often than not when I am prepping them they offer up within their dry dead pose a characterisation leading me in on a route towards a finished piece. Other times it is a concept piece and then I have the insects jumping up at me upon my workshop bench ... me me me ! :) 

The wood has been collected by myself, mostly within and around Kent and is taken from a very large collection of naturally sculpted wood that I have.

Education or Eradication     Eradication or Education

The Wonderful World of the Vespula household contains aspects of education warmth humour, an insight into the life and times of the wasp/hornet household.

Run aground within a series of political statement works, an entomological rebellion is in the air. 



Unit 5 Gallery, JR Business Park, Pean Hill, CT5 3BJ (nr Canterbury A290)


Opening times: 

Daily, 10am-4pm


Further details: www.justingilday.co.uk



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